Advanced Lighting for Automotive 2017

Applications Across The Spectrum: Safety, Functionality & Design

The automotive lighting sector is currently undergoing rapid growth as new technologies allow auto makers to experiment with different designs and functionalities of light. Strict third-party evaluations, rising safety concerns, and growing consumer demand for improved vehicle lighting systems have all contributed to the increased attention and projected expansion of the market. Now is the perfect time for key players within the automotive lighting sector to discuss how market offerings will change in the coming years as LED lights continue to drop in price, design possibilities open up, and US regulators move towards changing lighting standards to accept innovative smart technologies like adaptive head beams.

We invite you to join us in forming conversations on how automotive lighting can progress forward despite potential barriers in regulations. Topics to be discussed center on the optimization of both exterior and interior vehicle lighting systems, extending on optical design, weight management, thermal management, alternative materials, etc. as well as applications of advanced technologies like adaptive headlights, lighting-spotting, OLEDs, and lasers.

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Past Advisory Board Members

Michael Flannagan

Research Associate Professor, Human Factors Group
University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI)

Mark Darby

Vice President of Sales

Frank Schwartz

Advanced Automotive Consulting Services (AACS)

Terrence Wilson

Exterior Lighting Supervisor
Ford Motor Company

Shannen Borngesser

Global Technical Team Leader, Exterior Lighting
General Motors

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