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Advanced Lighting for Automotive 2017 Agenda

May 22-24, 2017 | Detroit, MIThis year's summit will connect you with others focused on designing the next generation of automotive lighting systems. With 20+ speakers, 100+ attendees, and 7+ networking hours, you can't miss this opportunity!Featured speakers include:Jessica Palmer, Optical Systems Principal Engineer, Faraday FutureShannen... Read More


Global Automotive Lighting Market 2016-2020

An increased focus on vehicle safety and high demand for better road illumination are driving the market growth. Technologically advanced lighting systems that on reduce glare, distinguish obstacles by utilizing IR or UV light, and introduce signal lighting that is adaptive to varying ambient conditions and responds to emergency braking are being... Read More

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Past Attendee List

Heads of Lighting Development, Lighting Systems Engineers and other industry specialists are already signing up to attend the summit. Check out this document to get an inkling of whom you might run into on the show... Read More

Current Attendee Snapshot

Technical Directors, Chief Engineers, and Lighting Specialists from major industry leaders are already signing up to join us at the Advanced Lighting for Automotive Summit. Take a look at who’s already bought their ticket, and prepare your networking... Read More

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This includes testimonials about the Summit as well as what to expect this May!... Read More

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MOBIS Featured Experience

Join MOBIS for a demonstration of their headlight systems optimized for boosted visibility. Attend a night drive made exclusive for OEM attendees and try out the headlights... Read More

Shedding Light on This Year's Summit

Take a look at what you can expect at the Summit this May!... Read More


OLED vs LED: Which Will Lead the Way?

Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology is gaining traction in the European auto market, but still has yet to find purchase in the US market. This trend is set to change as the technology improves, as US automakers are already exploring the possibilities the technology affords. Will OLED disrupt the reigning champion, the LED, or are they... Read More

2016 in Review: Top 10 Auto Lighting News Stories

Consortiums formed to push technology, high-end OLED setups winning awards, and a reported market growth at a CAGR of 9.3% between 2016-2022... A lot is happening in the automotive lighting space as we break into the Year of the Monkey. We’ve taken the liberty of rounding up the most relevant news... Read More

Get Lit: The Future is Only as Bright as Your Car Cabin

Auto designer for General Motors for a quarter century, educator at CCS, Wayne State University, Lawrence Technical University, and the Cleveland Institute of Art, consultant on History Channel’s Top Gear, founder of AutoArcheology, Brian Baker has quite the rap sheet. We had the good fortune to pick his brain on lighting design, American car... Read More


Trends & Technology In Advanced Automotive Lighting

In this exclusive article get an update on the growth in the lighting market, safety driving developments, technological trends in exterior lighting and interior lighting, and what the future market developments look like.... Read More

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Interior Lighting More Than Just Light

Past speaker Dr. Herbert Wambsganß, Director D&D Interior Lighting at Hella Interior Lighting Systems GmbH in Germany gave this presentation on trends in ambient/mood... Read More

Flexible OLED – New Possibilities for Automotive Lighting

Dr. Christian May from Fraunhofer FEP explains his perspective on potential advantages and challenges of the flexible OLED and the new possibilities this technology could provide to automotive lighting. He goes into OLED materials, energy level schemes, device geometries, and... Read More

Multibeam LED Lights Up the Night: The Future of Illumination Technology at Mercedes-Benz

This presentation from Dr. Markus Maier, Exterior Lighting Development at Daimler AG , discusses the Multibeam LED headlamp in the CLS-class, technology insights: The Multibeam LED grid module, the future generation of Multibeam LED headlamps, the social headlamp, and... Read More

Light Guide Homogeneity in Automotive Lighting

This presentation by François Bedu, Lighting Innovation Pilot at Renault S.A.S, delves into external light as part of brand image, luminance measurements, measurement methodology at Renault, and... Read More

Integration of Interior Ambient Lighting and Decorative Trim

This presentation by Bob Kubiak, Global Subsystem Leader Decorative Trim and Interior Lighting at General Motors Company, covers survey results - the validation of customer acceptance of ambient lighting in several models, such as the Chevrolet Impala, Cadillac ELR, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and... Read More

How the Evolution of Lighting Functions can Help Provide Additional Consumer Safety

Terrence Wilson, Supervisor — Lincoln Exterior Lighting at Ford, spoke at the 2016 Advanced Lighting for Automotive event about driving the need for new regulations and/or finding opportunities within existing regulations. View his presentation to learn more about how the evolution of lighting functions can help provide additional consumer... Read More

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Lighting Trends in the Spotlight: From MULTIBEAM LED to HUD Technology

Since the development of LED lights for use in the automotive sector, the industry has seen a raft of innovations in both interior and exterior lighting. The design constraints of traditional headlights have been thrown off, and OEM’s are quickly embracing the new possibilities that LED’s provide. Learn more about this year's lighting trends:... Read More


Automotive Lighting Innovations: From Concept to Series Production

Demand for advanced automotive lighting systems from manufacturers and the consumer has seen a significant growth in ambient lighting in recent years. Industry research has shown that... Article courtesy of Automotive... Read More

Bringing Innovative Automotive Lighting Concepts to Market

This article by Colin Pawsey examines the progression of RGB/LIN technology to produce multiple-colour LED lighting, OLED surface lighting, and more. These systems heading to the automotive market in the near future. Article courtesy of Automotive... Read More

LEDs and OLEDs Lighting the Way in Cars

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are rapidly gaining popularity with automotive lighting designers for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Bumper-to-bumper, LEDs (and now Organic LEDs) are ideal for automotive lighting elements such as head lamps, daytime running lights, fog lights, turn signals, interior lighting, infotainment backlighting, rear... Read More